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One-of-a-kind responsive Bar Charts for RapidWeaver - By Weavium


One-of-a-kind responsive Bar Charts for RapidWeaver - By Weavium


Tutorial Changelog
Latest Version 1.0.5
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Bars example 7
Bars example 6
Bars example 5
Bars example 4
Bars example 3
Bars example 2
Bars example 1

Awesome Example File Included

Making bars & charts is easy-as-pie, but we've included a ton of examples that will allow you to get a quick start on some awesome bars!

Custom Fonts

Weavium provides an extremely innovative and simply method for including custom fonts from Google Web fonts! Bars includes this innovative method allowing you to use amazing fonts with ease~

Text / Icons

Bars allows you to set custom text titles and icons for each individual bar section! This allows for a truly limitless amount of possibilities : D

Shared / Individual Styles

With Bars, you can easily set shared styles so that all bars look the same, or individual styles to make individual bars stand out!

Increasing / Decreasing

Bars can easily make charts that animate up or down! Simply set your chart minimum & maximum, and then select the increasing/decreasing option~

Horizontal/Vertical Mode

Bars is completely responsive and can be set to switch to horizontal mode at a custom breakpoint of your choice! There are also individual sizing options for both vertical and horizontal modes~